What Is Marketing and Why Is It Important for You?

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How to get 30 days of world-class marketing for free! 

Do any of these apply to you...

You've never tried marketing before?
You've tried it, but didn't get the results you were looking for?
​You're doing it, but want better results?

​If so, then here's your chance to test-drive marketing that gets you results without the risk!

 dream with me... 

Imagine it's 1995. Imagine that marketing still predominantly comes in the form of flyers or newspaper ads. You pay all this money to design these flyers and you pay for someone to deliver 5,000 of them to your local suburbs. What happens?

​75% of them get thrown straight in the bin. 20% of them go to houses whose residents aren't eligible or aren't interested and 3% of them get put on the fridge - leaving you with 2% of the people who 'promise' take action, but likely forget. It's a flop.

​Imagine now though, you had a company who delivered those flyers using a secret tool they had. They had the ability to deliver your flyers ONLY to houses whose residents were of the target age group, earned the target income per year, had shown interest in your offering, fit your patient avatar and who had a high likelihood to be at a minimum interested in your offer, but best case likely to actually convert into a patient. How much greater would your results be!

When marketing is done right, that's exactly what you get. You get your ideal patient filling up your practice and the ability to turn the tap on fast or slow to build consistently and without the stress. 

​Marketing works and is a NECESSITY for all businesses. You just gotta do it right!

Master Your marketing And grow with ease.

If You Want to Grow and Safeguard Your Business, then this is for YOU!

When we market for your business, we no longer consider ourselves an external agency, but we become your very own, in-house marketing department. We do it all for you, so that you don't have to. Get back your time and no longer stress about what you need to do and how you need to do it when it comes to growing your business. 

Our expert team at The Media Anchor cover all bases, creating new campaigns for you that promote to, qualify and acquire ideal patients for the treatments that you want to do more of. Our marketing package is based on gaining a deep understanding of your business first, your goals, your needs and specifically the outcomes you want from you marketing.

Here's what you get in this COMPLETE package...

sales funnels

Customised sales funnels built for each campaign to qualify and convert each new lead

Facebook & INstagram Ads

The best return on investment in advertising. Specifically target your ideal patients with ease

sms marketing

Re-engage and retain your existing patients with unique offers and promotions 

google ads

When people search for your treatments in your area, it's your business they will see

email marketing

Stay in touch with your patients and leads with long form emails that keep you front of mind

social media

Engaging social media posts that position you as the experts in your field in your area

lead management

Never miss or forget a lead again. Accurate tracking and reporting setup for you and your team


Fortnightly blogs that answers the questions that your target patients have about your treatments

"we're Ok, We don't need marketing."

After spending almost 14 years running my own businesses and from coaching businesses from around the world, one thing I can say for certain... every business must be doing marketing. 

​Just because business is good now, does not mean it always will be. Economies change, competitors open, new treatments become available, technology gets smarter. Things change and if you're not constantly finding new patients and engaging with current patients, your business will slow down. 

​Marketing is a must for every business, at all times on all occasions.

The eight stages of acquiring a patient.

  • Attract: This initial stage is about attracting potential customers to your offer.
  • Engage: The goal is to build interest and establish a relationship.
  • Subscribe: This is where you start to gather contact information and permission to follow up.
  • Convert: The conversion stage is where you turn your subscribers into paying customers.
  • Excite: After the purchase, the goal is to excite your customers about the product or service they've bought.
  • Ascend: In the ascend stage, you offer additional products, services, or upgrades to increase the value of each customer.
  • Advocate: Happy customers may advocate for your brand, telling friends and family or providing testimonials and reviews​​
  • Promote: The final stage involves your patients actively promoting your products or services

Do you have each step in place? If not, this could be the reason why you're not growing as fast or easy as you should! When you sign up for marketing with us, we make sure we create each step for you to make the patient acquisition process seamless and effective!

why Should I choose you?

At The Media Anchor, we are not just great at marketing. We also understand the dental industry. After working with dental practices from all over Australia, earning from $500,000 per year, all the way through to $50million a year, we know intimately what works for dental and how to get you results! We know the language, the terminology and the people and we know how to communicate this to ordinary people in a way that excites, engages and converts. 

​No explanations needed on what you do, when you sign up, you can start right away, assured that we understand your business and your patients.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Here's Some of the Amazing businesses we've worked with

Value Dental Centres

Epsom Dental

Dakabin Dental

Lakeside Dental

Newnham Dental & Cosmetics

Proactive Dental

What You Get When You Join.

Dedicated professionals who immerse themselves in your business. We work with one goal in mind - to help you succeed!

  • Reduced Stress: Leave it to the professionals and take the stress out of building your business
  • More Time: Get back your time to do the things that you want and that you love
  • Happier Team: When a business is busy and growing, your team will feel more motivated, excited and happy with their role. Nothing is worse than a quiet practice, but nothing motivates more than a bustling, energised business!

Marketing Bonus Offer #1

free ticket to one of billy's live sales training events

When you sign up to the complete marketing package, we give you a free ticket to one of Billy's live sales training events. Marketing and sales go hand in hand, and one without the other is nowhere near as effective. Become a sales master by attending this event for FREE!

Marketing Bonus Offer #2

a branded welcome pack

We want you to feel part of the family from day 1, so when you join, you send out a welcome pack including some goodies to feast on, some branded merchandise and some items to help you in your business.

Marketing Bonus Offer #3

Access to one of billy's most liked sales training videos

In Billy's ApexDental Sales Coaching Academy, there is one video that everyone loves and everybody talks about. You get access to this to share with your team and give them some incredibly valuable insights into sales!

How Do I get free marketing?

The content listed above is for our complete package marketing clients. They get all of this each month as part of their program. For a select few though, we're giving you to test drive marketing for free - we believe that in order to gain trust, you must first demonstrate what is possible. If you want to see what's possible for your business, simply click the apply to join button and fill in the form!

Spots are Limited. 
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