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master your sales process and Accelerate Your Results.

If you have a business that's not content with just being ok. Just average. Just good, then this program is for you. This program is specifically designed to give your business and it's team, the very best in sales strategies, that will not only massively increase the results in your business, but ensure your patients become raving fans of what you do! 

It all started with a big idea.

Hi, I'm Billy - your coach and mentor in sales. When I moved into the world of Dental, sales coaching was never going to be a part of the offering. I'd coached and trained sales to tens of thousands of people around the world beforehand, but I never imagined that Dental was an industry that it was required... I was wrong. 

​The word 'sales' is a taboo word in the dental industry and because of the stigma around it, businesses are losing out on lost revenue and additionally, patients are losing out by not getting what they really need.

The more I immersed myself into this industry, the more I realised that businesses really needed it. They needed to understand that sales is not a dirty word, sales is a beautiful thing and when done correctly, it hugely benefits the business, the team and the patients.

This is why I created this program and my mission is to transform the industry and it's beliefs around sales, to create thriving businesses that are booked out, have huge case numbers and are providing the best possible patient support and service to their patients.

Master Your Sales Process And Accelerate Your Results.

If You Want Success, This Program Will Give You The Tools.

This online coaching program takes any dental professional who wants to grow, who wants more, who wants to be successful and is a part of the overall sales process... and turns them into sales masters. This program will give the tools and strategies necessary to easily and effectively take any case, from a single crown to a full mouth restoration, and convert it into a sale! 

This program is perfect for business owners to learn how to sell like a professional or....

... For business owners who see value in teaching their team the art of selling. Here's who the course is for...

Treatment co-ordinators

Maximise your Case Acceptance with more complete and compelling consultations


Understand what patients really want and how to overcome any objections or doubts

practice owners

Create an entire team of closers that allow you to take your business to a whole new level

Practice managers

Manage your team's processes effectively and drive performance in every area of the practice

The FIVE stages of a sale.

There are only 5 stages you need to master to start getting a much higher case acceptance. The introduction, the qualifying, the presentation, the close and the end.

If you're not getting the results you want or you want to succeed even more than you currently are, then apply now to join and let me teach you how to master these 5 steps.

"we're medical professionals. WE don't sell."

Years ago, most practices were saying "we're medical professionals, we don't market our business." Now it's become "we're medical professionals, we don't sell." The truth is that just like marketing has become a standard in the industry and most businesses see marketing as a critical component in order to beat the competition and keep their patients, more and more businesses are seeing the value and competitive edge in learning how to sell.

​When you understand what sales truly is and that it's not sleazy, manipulative and deceptive tactics, then you will understand how much of an impact having great sales processes can have.

​Selling is nothing more than exchanging a treatment or product for a specified amount. Great selling is communicating with the patient effectively so they feel completely comfortable trusting you with their money.

Would you like to know how to do it effectively? Click the Apply to Join button below now and let me help.

why Should I Join This Program?

Selling is a part of any business and the difference between failure, average and great is the ability to effectively sell your treatments in a positive way and that grows your business. Over the next few years, sales will become a huge focus for the dental industry. The question is - do you want to be ahead of the game?

What You Get When You Join.

When you join this life changing program, you're going to get a tonne of value that you can implement on Day 1 to start converting more sales in your role or business. Here's what you get...

  • Online Modules: 12 x long-form, detailed online sales training modules taking you through the specifics of how to sell to anybody with confidence and ease
  • Coaching Sessions: weekly 1 hour online coaching sessions including sales role play, feedback and review of real patient consultations + weekly q&a
  • Sales Tools: Scripts, tracking worksheets and a suite of sales tools you can immediately use to become a world class seller
  • ​Community: An online community group where you can ask questions in real time, get ongoing support and learn from others' experience.

Coaching Bonus Offer #1

free ticket to one of billy's live sales training events

When you sign up to the complete marketing package, we give you a free ticket to one of Billy's live sales training events. Marketing and sales go hand in hand, and one without the other is nowhere near as effective. Become a sales master by attending this event for FREE!

Coaching Bonus Offer #2


Get access to Billy's bonus sales training material that only his coaching clients get! 

Coaching Bonus Offer #3


Get a free copy of Billy's sales eBook filled with nuggets and takeaways to further enhance your sales skills and become a master of selling! 

How Do I Join This Amazing Coaching Program?

Due to the extensive amount of time that Billy puts into his sales coaching group, spots are EXTREMELY limited for each intake. Billy is also very big on getting the right people into his coaching so that everybody who is a part of it, is committed, motivated and eager to help each other with their growth. To be considered for this program, simply hit the 'Apply to Join button' and complete the form. 

Spots are Limited. 
Apply today!

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